Saints Womens Football


Women’s American football has become one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. The Saints give players several opportunities to compete, from beginner to the national stage. The Women’s season is structured into several ‘series’ that allow programmes to develop their teams through the differing formats of football played in the UK.


The Sapphire series is the primary league in which the Saints compete. It represents the National Championship for Women’s American football in the UK. After securing a championship in 5v5 play during the 2017-18 season, the Saints now compete in 7v7 Division 2 South.


The Diamond Series brings together an amalgamation of regional teams in order to give women the experience of 11v11 football. It currently exists as a contest between the Northern Blizzard and the Southern Blaze.

Players are drafted from the Sapphire Series teams and from wider development days to give British players a taste of 11-a-side balling otherwise unavailable to them.


The Great Britain Women’s team programme is the pinnacle of female tackle football in Britain. The programme both provides the team for international fixtures and is the central pillar for women’s football development. Launched as a concept in 2012 to drive development of the women’s game the programme continues to have a very significant impact on the growth in both numbers of players and the quality of play.

As of June 30th 2017 the Great Britain Women’s team is ranked No2 in Europe and No4 in the World.

This year the Oxford Saints Women are proud to have 2 team members represent Great Britain at the IFAF Women’s European Championships Finals 2019 hosted this year in Leeds.

Veteran GB player and previous Euro’s and World’s participant Monica Lewinska will re-join the D Line and GB Rookie Josephine White will play her first GB matches as a Running Back!