Swindon Storm


The Swindon Storm came into the UK American Football Scene in 2011 and have gone from strength to strength since.

Football however existed in Swindon before the Storm came about. During the NFL boom in the UK through the 1980’s, the Swindon Steelers were one of many teams competing around the country. They eventually disbanded in 1994 and after a long gap, American Football finally returned to Swindon thanks to the Storm.

Head Coach Steve Bennett is the man behind the Storm and has put his years of experience into the club. Successful funding support from both Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council have contributed to the foundations of the club and the procurement of equipment.

The Oxford Saints have taken on the Swindon Storm only once in a league game and the Storm pulled off an impressive but close win. With the Saints and the Storm being very close together, a natural rivalry is ignited as both teams compete to draw players and coaches from the surrounding areas.

Both teams were equally competitive in the 2014 season and the matchups in 2015 will no doubt be exciting contests.

When the two teams meet, a key matchup to watch out for will be Storm Defensive End Lee Hutton against the Saints Offensive Line. Lee Hutton was a Oxford veteran for many years and will be going up against his old team.


saints vs storm 2