Scam Alert: Fake contracts to play for UK teams

There has been a worrying trend in the past few months of criminals pretending to be representatives for UK American Football teams, in order to extort money from US athletes

There have been several recent examples of young aspiring Americans being contacted by bogus agents, who may ask for a ‘administration fee’ and personal details to secure a paid contract to play with a UK club.

The Oxford Saints American Football Club is an amateur organisation, which means we will never pay money to a player. Any surplus funds are re-invested into the club.

These attempts have been reported by numerous clubs.

What should i do if i am offered a paid contract for a UK team?

  1. Do not send them any of your personal details
  2. Do not send any payment
  3. STOP corresponding with the party immediately
  4. Contact the club directly through an official channel, such as their website, facebook page or twitter feed to bring it to their attention

If you see anything like the fake contract below please email [email protected].

contract 11

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