Rich Bloomer from Solent Thrashers

Rich Bloomer 1Former Saint Rich Bloomer returns to the fold!

Rich Bloomer is a Tight end who has recently joined us from one of the biggest football powerhouses in the UK, the Solent Thrashers.

He started his career with the Saints seven years ago and for the last four seasons he has been competing with Solent. He also has experience playing at Slot receiver.

We are thrilled to welcome back a former player and Rich brings greats size and experience to the Saints offense.

When asked about the transfer, Rich commented:

“I started with the Saints when I first started playing in University. I was advised by my receivers coach to go to different teams and experience all positions, systems and then return.

I have now returned, sadly that same coach has not!”

Alongside the transfer of Laurent Antoine, both him and Rich will provide a huge boost in experience and power at the Tight end position.