Recruitment Update: The Saints get Stronger

With the season well under way, popularity of American Football and word of the Oxford Saints continues to grow!

Although most recruitment happens before the season begins, we are open to new players throughout the year. It is usually a mixture of returning veterans, student players and those who are new to the sport. We are pleased that this trend continues and the Saints family continues to grow.

Here are a few of the latest players who have signed on to play and we’ll bring you further news soon.

Daniel Harvey1468585_10206956886665486_1955255195618736815_n

Daniel Harvey joined the team earlier in the season as a newcomer to the sport.

Daniel was first placed with the offensive line but has since been moved to the defensive unit.

Last Sunday, Daniel saw game time on the defensive line against the Cornish Sharks and put his abilities and strength on display! It’ll be interesting to follow Daniel throughout the season as he progresses.



Ian ‘Ice’ Harry11265500_840220982720967_5792811162133982496_n

Ian Harry, known to many of his teammates simply as ‘Ice’ is a long-standing Saints veteran. Before the Saints he had previously played for the Thames Valley Chargers and the Bournemouth Renegades.

In 2014, Ian registered with the Saints and played at middle linebacker. Last year the Saints went 7-3 and narrowly missed out on the playoffs due to a tie-breaker against the Shropshire Revolution.

Ian has now returned for the remainder of the 2015 season and is playing on offense at full back. Last Sunday he was in action with strong blocking, springing team-mate Mike Oluwole for big gains.


Ryan Kingshott 11295730_840218786054520_4756552638949454556_n

Ryan Kingshott has played for the Saints before as a linebacker but is now returning at the full back position. Ryan has several years of experience in playing with the Oxford Brookes University Panthers, and now plays alongside several other Panthers including James Walter, Mike Turner and Jake Geerthsen.

Ryan saw action last week in Oxford’s 43-24 victory over the Cornish Sharks, where he scored his first touchdown of the season.


Richard Christian 11329917_840222432720822_1286257985077161327_n

A new addition to the team, Richard Christian has joined up after coming down and seeing the Saints in action. He was at the game where Oxford staged a comeback win of the decade and beat Bristol in a thrilling 34-33 victory!

Richard Christian is now training with the offensive line, and he saw action last week with the special teams unit. He has the build to become a strong force on the line and we look forward to seeing him develop throughout the year.


Devon Powell 11163192_940940125970067_4973358131483719939_n

Devon Powell returns to the Saints after a several year gap. Devon has played as a wide receiver and is utilised as a weapon when put at kick return.

His lightning fast speed makes him a threat to deal with and if he finds space, he can easily be away.

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