Training Update | Player Transfers | Preseason Games


The Saints were among the first of the adult teams to return to regular training in 2017. Two warm-up sessions were held in November & December at Tilsley Park before weekly training resumed on Sunday 8th January.

Every Sunday since, the Saints staff have been preparing rookies and veterans alike for the upcoming challenge in Division I.

Nick Bob-manuel – Sussex Linebacker

Follow the successful structure of recent years, preseason training began with 2 sessions primarily aimed at new recruits. These sessions allowed the coaches and some veteran players to introduce the fresh faces to the club and teach them the basics of American Football.

With lots of promising talent on show, the Saints reconvened in early January after the festive break. The first 6-7 weeks were held indoors using the 3G dome at the Oxford Academy.

Luiz De Almeida – Rookie

This has proved a vital part of the preseason strategy, allowing the team to install fundamental techniques and playbook knowledge without any concerns of rain, wind or cold weather to affect their focus.

Training sessions continue to have strong attendance with 60 participating players on average each week. As training progressed, players moved into full contact drills in mid February.

On 19th February, the team moved outdoors to their main training ground at Abingdon Rugby Club. This allows the team more space for drills and special teams preparation.


With a large number of returning veterans from 2016, the team is strengthened further with several transfers from other senior clubs.

Two experienced offensive lineman from the Cornish Sharks and a tight end from Coventry Jets will boost the Saints offense. The defense will gain a linebacker from Sussex Thunder and a defensive lineman from the Sharks.

  • Nick Bob-manuel (Sussex Thunder – Linebacker)
  • Jake Mayo (Cornish Sharks – Defensive lineman)
  • Ashley Huggins (Cornish Sharks – Offensive lineman)
  • Karl Friston (Cornish Sharks – Offensive lineman)
  • Ady Simons (Coventry Jets – Tight end)


Training in the 3G dome – Oxford Academy


The Saints have another week of training before a preseason friendly against the premiership Farnham Knights on 19th March. This will be followed by a 2nd preseason game when the Saints host the Leicester Falcons, who were the Division II North champions in 2016.

The squad currently has 82 registered players and a dedicated coach staff ready to lead them into the 2017 season.

You can view the full 2017 schedule here.

The Saints are currently looking for gameday volunteers and businesses who are interested in sponsorship. Contact us for more information.