Preseason Training Begins – 8th January 2017

On Sunday 8th JANUARY, the Saints senior team will begin preseason training with their annual team combine.

This event is for rookies and veterans alike, which is carried out at the state of the art 4G dome at the Oxford Academy.

If you are interested in being involved with the Oxford Saints, you can attend the session and see what you think. Sign up information here –


Players will be divided into groups and rotated through various stations, each of them designed to asses fundamental skills and drills for American Football.

– 20 yard shuttle
– 60 yard shuttle
– 40 yard dash
– Broad jump
– 60 kg bench press

The session is not considered a ‘Try Out’ for the team, as the Saints looks to accommodate players of all types and abilities. The session will however serve as an opportunity for the coaching staff to evaluate the 2017 squad, observe player attitudes and identify areas for improvements.

To the individual, it should be fun and educational, also giving them an opportunity to see where they stand against existing players and other rookies, whilst highlighting areas that they could improve and how best to do so.

(all times are recorded using manual stop watches, so are not 100% accurate)


The 20 yard shuttle drill measures change of direction, agility and the ability for a player to be explosive off the mark.

Most if not all football positions require players to be quick over a short area and be able to change direction with speed and precision.

2016 Leaders:

GAIN, David (rookie RB/WR) – 4.18

WALTER, James (veteran RB/TE) – 4.20

DUNSTAN, James (veteran DB) – 4.24

BEARMAN, Michael (veteran DB) 4.25

SWIFT, Tom (veteran WR)


The 60 yard shuttle drill is another great test of acceleration, quickness in changing direction and anaerobic endurance, over a longer test.

Breaking down and making fast, controlled turns are crucial for most positions.

2016 Leaders:

GAIN, David (rookie RB/WR) – 11.15

WILLIAMS, Jason (rookie WR) – 11.22

BEARMAN, Michael (veteran DB) – 11.28

SWIFT, Tom (veteran WR) – 11.62

ARMSTRONG, Sam (veteran WR) – 11.65

40-yard dash



The 40 yard dash is probably the most well known of all combine-style tests. Most important for receivers, running backs and defensive backs,  the test gives a baseline for how fast a player is.

Ideally the time would be measured at 10 yard intervals as the rate of acceleration and how long it takes a player to hit their top speed is key.

2016 Leaders:

GAIN, David (rookie RB/WR) – 4.50

SWIFT, Tom (veteran WR) – 4.66

MAULDING, Destin (rookie WR) – 4.66

WILLIAMS, Jason (rookie WR) – 4.72

GIBBS, Adam (veteran DB) – 4.81


The broad jump is another great way to measure how explosive a player can be. This test evaluates a players ability to explode out of their stance and propel their body forward, a vital skill for football.

2016 Leaders:

GAIN, David (rookie RB/WR) – 2.84m

WILLIAMS, Jason (rookie WR) – 2.84m

SWIFT, Tom (veteran WR) – 2.75m

GIBBS, Adam (veteran DB) – 2.73m

ARMSTRONG, Sam (veteran WR) – 2.71m



A new test for the Oxford Saints combine, the bench press measures strength and endurance. Players are required to complete as many reps as they can under supervision of a qualified fitness instructor.

2016 Leaders:

BENTLEY, Stephen (veteran RB/LB) – 45

HOLMES, Calvin (veteran LB) – 40

WALTER, James (veteran RB/TE) – 37

WILLIAMS, Jason (rookie WR) – 36

WRIGHT, George (veteran DE) – 33