Preseason: Oxford @ Birmingham Bulls

This weekend the Oxford Saints travel to take on the Birmingham Bulls, concluding the 2016 preseason.

On Sunday 20th March the Saints took on 2015 division II champions the Bury Saints in another preseason contest, which provided an extremely educational and challenging game for our squad.

Read more about our game against the Bury Saints here –¬†

Building on that game and to prepare for our regular season opener on April 10th at home, the Bulls game will be vital. Oxford head coach Andrew Day selected Bury and Birmingham as two challenging division I opponents, wanting to give his squad insight into two top teams and show the level of play that will be expected of them this year.

Oxford VS Birmingham in 2011
Oxford VS Birmingham in 2011

The first half of the game is expected to be used for starting players and immediate backups. Rookie Destin Maulding (from USA) will be leading the offense on Sunday as quarterback and will be playing his first game of american football in the UK.

With a variety of weapons at his disposal, including team MVP and GB lions player James Walter at runningback, Destin will be looking to further gel with the Oxford offense in preparation for the regular season.

A large part of the game will be focused on player development, with both Oxford and Birmingham wanting to test newer players in proper game conditions against real opponents. For some players, this will be the first time they have stepped on the field and gone up against someone from a different team, which is a completely different experience to training against teammates.

Once this game is concluded tomorrow, all eyes will be turned to our season opener against the Cornish Sharks on 10th April at our new home venue Tilsley Park.