Preason Preview: Oxford @ Bury Saints

The first action of the 2016 season is here, as the Oxford Saints travel to take on the Bury Saints in a preseason clash THIS SUNDAY.


Oxford began training early for the upcoming season, with rookie sessions in November and December followed by weekly practices for the whole team from 3rd January.

Another successful recruitment drive has seen the team register 90+ players, including a good number of returning veterans and rookies from 2015.


Practices have been intense with competition at an all time high. The coaching staff have been closely evaluating practice performances so that they can formulate the gameday squad for the Bury Saints game.

Head Coach Andrew Day has now announced the 60 strong squad who will be travelling to Thetford Rugby Club for the preseason game.

Oxford Saints Head Coach Andrew Day:

“We are so excited to be at the business end of our pre season program. The lads have been working so hard in practice since December and another successful off season recruitment drive has seen competition for places very high.”

“We are looking forward to testing our young squad against the Bury Saints who have a fantastic program up there under the tutorage of Coach Wallis, whom I respect immensely.”

“Bury are a big step up for us and will be a good gauge for us to find our own level.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

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The Bury Saints are one of the more recent clubs to join the UK American Football scene and stormed through Division II in 2015, ending with victory over the Bristol Apache in the Division II Rose Bowl Final.

Bristol, who will be competing in the same conference as Oxford again, suffered only two losses in their 2015 campaign. One loss was claimed by Oxford in game 2, which featured one of the biggest comebacks in Oxford Saints history: Oxford Saints VS Bristol Apache Game Report.


With Bury delivering Bristol their 2nd loss of the season in the final, the Bury Saints earned their promotion to Division I and will now be looking to make a statement and continue building on their successes.

Bury Saints Head Coach Chris Wallis:

“It’s been an interesting pre-season and it’s good to finally start playing games.

“We know that the opposition will be much tougher in Division 1. We got a taste of what to expect in the playoffs and our aim is to compete and establish ourselves in this Division.”

“Oxford reached the Quarter Finals last year and will be a real test for us. We have a lot of new players and it will be a great experience for them.”