Graeme Taylor from Edinburgh Wolves

Graeme Taylor Wolves2015 sees a number of experienced players transferring to the Oxford Saints, bolstering our already strong squad even further.

First up is Linebacker Graeme Taylor.

Graeme played for the University of Stirling Clansmen between 2004 and 2008 and later joined the Edinburgh Wolves in 2009. After spending six seasons with the Wolves, he moved to Oxfordshire and got involved with the Saints.


Graeme said:

“I moved to Oxford with my girlfriend back in July 2014 so she could start a new job, and one of the selling points for me was being able to continue playing American Football with the Saints.

I got in contact with the team and was fortunate enough to be allowed to train with the Saints before the final game of the season against the Leicester Falcons. I was really impressed with the set-up here and was made to feel welcome by all the players and coaches, so it was a no-brainer for me that I would be playing here this season.

I’m now looking forward to training hard and winning a few English Championships with the Saints to go with my Scottish Championships from my time with the Edinburgh Wolves and the University of Stirling Clansmen.”


Look out for Graeme when he is on the field with the Saints defense! We’re beginning our season on Sunday 22nd March with a pre-season game against the former premiership side, Sussex Thunder.

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