Oxford Saints Recruiting for 2021 Season

The Oxford Saints have officially opened up recruitment for their 2021 season. After a huge win that cemented their place in Division 1 for the upcoming year, the Saints are looking to add new talent to take the competition by storm next season.

Interested in American Football and want to experience it first hand? Looking for a new challenge? Want to continue to develop after Uni ball? Experienced in the game and want to showcase your talents?

The Saints are looking for you!!

By joining the Saints you are becoming a part of one of the oldest American Football Clubs in the UK. Started in 1983, the Saints have a history of excellence and look to build going into the 2019-20 season!

High-level Competition
Quality Coaching
Top notch facilities

All are welcome to attend! Some of the Saints’ best players have had no previous experience but were developed into BALLERS by our quality coaching staff!

1st Session: October 25, 2020 @ Tisley Park (1300-1600)
2nd Session: November 22, 2020 @ Tisley Park (1300-1600)
3rd Session: December 15, 2019 @ Tisley Park (1300-1600)
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Don’t wait to get involved! Contact Us through our website or facebook and we will get you started on preparing for our open sessions!


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