Laurent Antoine from France’s Nice Dauphins

laurent 1

Another brilliant signing for 2015 is experienced French Tight-end Laurent Antoine.

Laurent started playing in 1998 and joined the Nice Dauphins in 2001. He played 11 seasons for them up until June 2012 with the first six in France’s 2nd division including a National Title in 2007.

The following five seasons Laurent competed with the Dauphins in the Premiership league, with his most recent season ending with a defeat at the semi-final stage.

Alongside playing Tight-end, he also has experience at Slot receiver, Runningback and Fullback.

When asked about the transfer, Laurent said:

“I really missed the game after three years away from it, but also I missed being around my teammates.

I tried-out last year but my job and family duties didn’t allow me to join, but this year’s upcoming mid-week practices allowed me to finally sign-up.

I was following the team since I moved to Oxford two years ago and there always seemed to be a great atmosphere around the Saints.”

laurent 2

Watch out for Laurent playing the Tight-end position with the Saints offense in our upcoming pre-season game against the Sussex Thunder.