Next Rookie Training Session: 6th Dec

We Are Recruiting!

Each year we host rookie training events so that new players can experience the sport and get a feeling for this unique game.

When are the sessions?

SUNDAY 22nd November 2015 – 12:00PM – 3:00PM

SUNDAY 6th December 2015 – 12:00PM – 3:00PM

Please arrive by 11:45.


Where are the sessions?

The Oxford Academy

Sandy Lane West


Check out some of the footage from last year:


What do i need to bring?

As the sessions are indoors, we recommend:

  • Astro trainers or boots without metal studs .
  • Suitable exercise clothing (typically shorts and a tshirt with a hoodie/jacket available)
  • Water/energy drink
  • Your £2.00 fee to take part
  • A form of personal identification

Who is this suitable for?

These sessions are aimed at men/women who are interested in playing American Football with the Oxford Saints and are aged 17+.

What if I’ve never played before?

Each year these sessions are attended by individuals from different background, but most are completely new to the game.

Our qualified coaching staff will teach you everything you need to know.

If you have experience playing Rugby or other contact sports, you may find you already possess some transferable skills that you can apply to American Football.

Oxford Saints v Swindon StormSky Bet League 212/04/2015.


I’m not sure which position is suitable for me?

One of the reasons American Football is a rapidly growing sport, is because there is a position available for everyone. It takes all shapes and sizes to put together a truly effective football team.

Smaller players may find themselves being receivers or defensive backs, where their speed and agility allows them to fly around the field. These players are often good at catching the ball, chasing other players down or breaking tackles and finding the open field to score!

Bigger players will find themselves more towards the centre, where they have to out manoeuvre and dominate their opposing number. These players often possess great aggression, quick hands and quick feet. They may be tasked with protecting their quarterback, or they may need to break through the enemy line and hit the opposing ball carrier!

Which ever position you end up playing, everyone will share one thing. Your goal will be to dominate the player opposite you, whether that is through out running them, over powering them or simply out smarting them.

You’ll have the opportunity to try out different positions and find one that you are most suited for. If you have a personal preference, our coaching staff will help you to achieve your ideal position, otherwise they’ll help you decide which position you would be best suited for.


Check out a big play from 2015 – Ali Galbraith returns a pass from the opposing quarterback for a touchdown!


What can i expect?

The session will begin with an introduction by our head coach who will welcome you to the club. We will then break into some warm ups led by our strength and conditioning coach.

Following warm ups, everyone will be split into smaller groups and you will rotate around a number of stations, taking part in various drills each designed to teach you a different skill required for the game.

The session will be fast paced to keep the energy up. There will be elements of competition but it is designed to be a fun atmosphere, with a focus on team building.



What happens after the session?

If you enjoyed your time with us and want to carry on learning, weekly pre-season training will begin from SUNDAY 3rd January 2016, at the same location.

The first training session will see all the returning players from last year meet the new players for 2016.

The session will be run in an ‘NFL Combine’ style, where the coaches will measure you on various drills to assess your speed, agility, strength and concentration.

This is a great way for the coaches to evaluate all the new players and determine who fits into which position on the team.

The team will then be divided into an offensive unit and a defensive unit, and you’ll begin in-depth training for your specific position.

saints game 3


Why should i join the Saints?

We’re one of the longest running American Football clubs in the country and we pride ourselves on competing every year. With over 30 years of history behind us, we have a group of highly experienced and dedicated coaching staff who will help develop you as a player.

There is a great team atmosphere at the Saints and the club is built on strong family traditions. We have a committed group of individuals running the club behind the scenes and a loyal group of spectators at games.

The club has a mix of experienced veterans and newer players alike, who all work to motivate each other and earn success as a team.

Off the field, there are regular social events from night outs in town, competitions and our annual super bowl party!



Are there other opportunities to be involved with the team if playing isn’t for me?

The club is built on volunteers and a major factor in our historic clubs success is due to the dedication off the field as well as on it.

We’re always looking for new coaches, coaching assistants, game day staff and back office staff. We’ll happily discuss the available options with you.

If you have any questions about getting involved with the Saints as a player, coach or as a staff member, please contact us at [email protected].

Oxford Saints v Swindon StormSky Bet League 212/04/2015.


More About Training

We currently run a Senior Team (18+) but hope to set up a team for younger ages as soon as we can.

We train every Sunday from early January until the end of our season in early-mid September.

During the winter we use a indoor training facility at The Oxford Academy in Cowley, Oxford. This provides us with a excellent 3G pitch so we can train without risk of flooding and snow.

We then transition to outdoor training at our home ground using Abingdon Rugby Club normally beginning in late February-March.

If you are interested in coming down to your first session with the Oxford Saints you should join our Facebook recruitment group and give our official Facebook page a like, so that you can stay up to speed with all team news.

Experienced Players

If you are an experienced player coming from another team, or coming back to the sport after a absence, you will enjoy playing with the Saints.

We are a hard hitting and powerful team who are known for possessing a strong running game and a ferocious defense. Whatever position you have played before, we’ll find a spot for you with the Saints and help you develop your abilities further.

You will become part of a established team with a deep history.




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