Game 8: Trojans Give Oxford The Win By Forfeit

Torbay Trojans withdraw from game the night before citing low player numbers

The Saints were due to host the Trojans at Tilsley Park on 17th July for Oxford’s 8th game of the season, but a last-minute cancellation by the Trojans scuppered the contest.

Reporting that they did not have enough players to form a squad, the struggling Trojans had to reluctantly cancel their visit to the top of the table Saints.

We’re dissapointed that we had to cancel a home game and we apologise to all our fans and business partners for the missed opportunity.

We hope that we will not have to give up any further games this season in such a manner.

Division II SFC West Champions

In positive news, the win elevated the Saints to a enviable 8-0 record and the undefeated season continues.


With 2 remaining games in the regular season, Oxford have clinched the conference title (held by Bristol in 2015) and are now eyeing up home advantage in the playoffs.

On 31st July the Saints host league-newcomers the Jurassic Coast Raptors and then local rivals the Swindon Storm on 14th August.

With 2 clear wins against the teams from the away fixtures, Oxford will be looking for a similarly strong performance to end the season on a high note before the playoffs commence.

The quarter final date is 21st August and it is yet to be determined if Oxford will be awarded home advantage.

Division II – Southern Football Conference West



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