Game 10: Saints Blow Away Storm 50-6


Oxford Saints72271450Win
Swindon Storm00066Loss

Photography courtesy of Gareth Brown, Chris Janes & Jamie Stancombe

Game Statistics

Saints blow away the Swindon Storm 50-6 and end regular season with perfect 10-0 record.

In another dominating display, the Oxford Saints dispatched their closest rivals in a one sided affair in front of fans at Tilsley Park, Abingdon.

Earlier in the season on 12th June, the Saints travelled to Swindon and came away with a comfortable 54-14 victory.

This season the Storm have had difficulties with player injuries and lost their established quarterbacks during the season. They travelled to Oxford with a reduced squad size of 19 kitted players to Oxford’s 60.


Following the opening kickoff the Saints began with possession of the ball and moved down the field with running from Tony Glover and Antonios Athanasiou.

Quarterback Destin Maulding completed passes to favoured receivers Richard Bloomer and James Walter who both made first down grabs to keep the opening drive going.

With the endzone in sight, Maulding threw the ball in to Walter who gained 17 yards and charged across the goal line for the first touchdown of the day.

Kicker Sam Fielden put the ball through the uprights and added the extra point.


Sam Fielden Kicks - Photo by Gareth Brown
Sam Fielden Kicks – Photo by Gareth Brown

The Saints defense began strong with linebacker Sam Stancombe taking down the ball carrier in the back field for a loss of 5 yards.

Tackles from Martin Fitzpatrick and Conor Whitehouse prevented Swindon from finding a first down and they punted the ball away.

Oxford continued to pressure Swindon’s offense throughout the first quarter and they were unable to make any significant gain of yards.

Back to back tackles for a loss by defensive end George Wright set the momentum for the day and the Storm struggled to find an answer to him.

Starting the 2nd quarter, Maulding passed a ball in to receiver Jason Williams who made a great catch to secure 12 yards and a first down.

On the next play, the ball was handed to running back Ryan Kingshott who rampaged down the field for a 38 yard touchdown.

Fielden’s kick added another point.


RB James Walter - Photo by Gareth Brown
RB James Walter – Photo by Gareth Brown

WATCH: James Walter Ends Game With 4 Touchdowns


Swindon’s next attempt to find the endzone was cut short when cornerback Ian Hiscock intercepted the pass on 2nd down, forcing a change of possession and bringing Oxford’s offense back on to the field.

The ball went to Walter who picked up 15 yards on his first carry and then broke through for a 36 yard touchdown run on 2nd down, clearing several Swindon defenders out of his way as he ran.

Another extra point kick by Fielden gave the Saints a 3 score lead.

21-0 Oxford

Another score quickly followed when veteran receiver Sam Armstrong hauled in a deep pass over the middle for a 39 yard gain, giving the Saints great field position before Kingshott charged through from 6 yards out for his 2nd touchdown of the day.

Going for the extra 2 points instead of a kick, Maulding passed the ball in to Armstrong who made the catch for the additional score.


TE Sam Armstrong - Photo by Gareth Brown
TE Sam Armstrong – Photo by Gareth Brown

2nd half

In the 3rd quarter, Swindon were picking up a few yards with each attempt and moving the ball slowly, but were unable to break out any big plays.

After picking up a first down, the next play saw Saints veteran Jonny Dover jump up to intercept a pass from Swindon quarterback Brent Johnson-Flippance, returning it 28 yards and forcing the possession change.

With good field position, Walter picked up 25 yards on 2 carries before Tony Glover ran the ball in for a touchdown from 9 yards out.

Fielden kicked the extra point.


RB Tony Glover - Photo by Gareth Brown
RB Tony Glover – Photo by Gareth Brown

Due to the large winning margin, a running clock was now activated which cut out various clock stoppages.

Near the end of the 3rd quarter, the Storm picked up a first down on a 12 yard completed pass but failed to make enough progress for another, after a 6 yard tackle for a loss by linebacker Chris Garland.

With 2nd string quarterback Kyle Swann now in charge of the Saints offense, Swann completed a pass to Armstrong for a first down and then Kev Brooks ran for another.

Within scoring distance, Walter broke through for his 3rd touchdown of the day on a 20 yard run. Kingshott ran in the 2 point conversion for the extra score.


RB James Walter - By Gareth Brown
RB James Walter – By Gareth Brown

Now in the 4th quarter, relief came for Swindon when Johnson-Flippance completed a pass to receiver Rul Rosa who was open over the middle, running it in for 72 yard score taking the Saints by surprise.

Swindon kicker Luke McEnroe attempted the extra point but the ball hit the post.

44-6 Oxford

Despite the consolation score by the Storm, the Saints answered back swiftly with Kyle Swann passing the ball to Walter on the first play of the drive, who evaded multiple defenders and ran into the endzone for his 4th touchdown of the day, from 53 yards out.

Athanasiou attempted to cross the line for the 2 point score but was unable to get over.


In the final moments of the 4th quarter, the Saints brought the game to a close when cornerback Marlon Mason intercepted Swindon’s quarterback.

Tilsley Park - Photo by Jamie Stancombe
Tilsley Park – Photo by Jamie Stancombe

50-6 Oxford

In the final moments of the 4th quarter, the Saints brought the game to a close when cornerback Marlon Mason intercepted Swindon’s quarterback.


Another formidable display by Oxford who now hold a perfect 10-0 record for the 2016 regular season.

Clinching the conference title and the #2 seed in the playoffs, the Saints now have their eyes on the Division II title and will be hosting the Cornish Sharks at Tilsley Park for a quarter final match up, on 21st August.

The Sharks narrowly scraped into the playoffs and the Saints have already defeated them 36-12 and 28-10 in their previous contests.

A win over the Sharks will send the Saints to the semi finals on 28th August, with the Division II final taking place on 11th September at John Charles Stadium, Leeds.

This season the Saints have made swift work of the conference this season, with 5 out of 9 games resulting in a running clock for the 2nd half. Games against Bristol Apache remain the most competitive, winning them 26-15 away and 29-26 at home, along with highly physical games against the Cornish Sharks.

Key Statistics

First Downs

Oxford: 20
Swindon: 6

Rushing Yards
Oxford: 304
Swindon: 67

Passing Yards
Oxford: 178
Swindon: 91

Total Offense Yards
Oxford: 477
Swindon: 158

Game Statistics

Division II – Southern Football Conference West


Next Game

On Sunday 21st August, the Saints will host the Cornish Sharks at Tilsley Park in the quarter finals.

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