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Fundraising for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

The Oxford Saints were saddened to learn that starting quarterback #10 Ben Denton was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) last week, a matter of days before our playoff contest against the Sussex Thunder.

The 25 year old was enjoying his first season at the position and led the Saints to the playoffs in a competitive conference.

After switching from defensive back to quarter back, Ben immediately received the full support of the team and everyone was impressed by how quickly he took command and developed his skill set.

The club are proud with his achievements in his debut year under centre and wish him all the best on his road to recovery.

If you would like to show support to Ben, his family and all those affected by Leukaemia, you can donate to Ben’s fundraising page where all contributions will go to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

Please visit to learn more and make a donation if you can.

Ben has kept himself fit over the years, going to the gym on a daily basis. He has also previously run the London Marathon three times and the Paris Marathon once in the last four years to raise money for cancer charity, Children with Cancer.

We are arranging a Saints head shave and ideas of further fund raising initiatives are being discussed. All fund raising initiatives will be linked and all donations go to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. You can learn more about the excellent work they do on the website

See some clips of Ben #10 in action during his first year at QB below:

Around 6,000 people a year are diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, and symptoms can include fever, night sweats and high heart rate, signs of recurrent infection, increased tendency to bleed and signs indicative of anaemia.

If you have any of these symptoms then it is important to have a blood test to rule out anything more sinister than the suspected cold.

Thank you

Oxford Saints

2015-04-26 16.41.33

Saints End 2015 With Defeat By Sussex Thunder


Sussex Thunder141071950Win
Oxford Saints076013Loss

The promising Saints campaign came to a close last SUNDAY when Oxford were knocked out in the division II quarter finals.

Despite the loss to the Brighton team, the Saints are pleased with the season as a whole and making the playoffs is a remarkable achievement for a team with many young players, whilst playing in a competitive conference.

In the build up to the game, the Saints were dealt a blow when quarterback #10 Ben Denton was diagnosed with leukaemia, just several days before the contest. Denton was playing his first season as quarterback for Oxford and his dedication and talent saw the Saints into the playoffs.

Fundraising has began for the registered charity Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Anyone wishing to support the cause can visit

You can read more about the fundraising here too

2015-04-26 16.41.33

#10 Ben Denton beats Bristol Apache earlier in 2015

Leading the Saints offense was 2nd string quarterback David McCormack, who was also experiencing his first year at the position after switching from running back.

McCormack has been training alongside Denton throughout the season and started his first game on 9th August, in a friendly against the Jurassic Coast Raptors. Although the side from Dorset were outmatched by the experience of the Saints, McCormack looked at ease and led Oxford to a comfortable 41-0 victory.

Prior to kickoff at Brighton Rugby Club, both teams and supporters observed a minute of silence in memory of the victims from the Shoreham Air Disaster which happened the previous day. 11 people lost their lives when a WW2 plane from a nearby air show crashed into a busy road on Saturday afternoon.


Photo by Jamie Stancombe – Sussex observe a minute silence for the Shoreham Tragedy

1st Quarter

The Saints offense began with the ball and McCormack led the team onto the field. With Kev Brooks lined up in the back field, the ball was handed to the 2nd year running back but he was only able to pick up a few yards. Sussex’s experience as a former premiership side was shown early with their great ability to slow Oxford’s often-dangerous run game. The opening drive ended with little progress and the ball was punted away.

Sussex Thunder’s offense began with quarterback Junior Price under centre. The home team quickly broke out a big run for a gain of 24 yards, but a defiant Oxford defense stood their ground on the following attempts.

Facing a 4th and 4 yard situation in Saints territory, Sussex decided to go for it and a completed pass gave them another 1st down. The first score of the game came on the next play when Roland Williams charged into the endzone from 11 yards out, giving Sussex a touchdown. Andrew Stone kicked the extra point and the home team took an early lead of 7-0.

11147171_889134087829656_1564689161040144491_o (1)

Photo by Chris Janes – Rees Gidley shows his support for #10

 The Saints attempted to establish their run game on the next drive but faced fierce contest from the Thunder defense. The ball was placed into the capable hands of Grant Tebb but he was brought down behind the line of scrimmage for a 1 yard loss.

McCormack attempted a pass to wide receiver Ali Galbraith on 3rd down but it fell incomplete and the offense were forced to punt again. High winds however resulted in the punted ball only covering a short distance and gave Sussex great field position on Oxford’s 29 yard line.

Oxford’s defense looked on form and the Sussex ball carrier was brought down after just a 1 yard gain by first year player Jonny Little. On the next play, George Wright claimed the tackle for a 1 yard loss.

After picking up a few yards on 3rd down, Sussex went for it again on 4th and found an uncovered receiver on course for the Saints endzone. Price’s precision throw ended up in the hands of Adam Fishlock who scored the 2nd touchdown for the Thunder. The extra point by Stone was good, 14-0 Sussex.


Photo by Jamie Stancombe

McCormack and the Saints finally began to move the ball with hard running from James Walter, Grant Tebb and Ryan Kingshott. Picking up several 1st downs, Oxford were marching down the field but were plagued by penalties along the way, making it an uphill struggle. The Saints fell short on 4th down as the 1st quarter came to a close.

2nd Quarter

Sussex took over from their own 10 yard line and had a long distance to travel. A 12 yard run gained them a first down with cornerback Matt Wheldon on the tackle. The offense were close to picking up another first down but tackles from linebackers Dean Bryan and Graeme Taylor stopped the Thunder short and they were forced to punt for the first time in the game.

With Oxford’s offense back on the field, it was all Ryan Kingshott as he ran hard against the Sussex defense who struggled to contain him as he picked up 33 yards on multiple carries. Relief came when McCormack handled the ball to Grant Tebb, who outpaced the defenders towards the sideline and into the endzone for a much-needed touchdown. Spencer Duffy kicked the extra point, 14-7 to Sussex.


Photo by Chris Janes – Grant Tebb scores the TD

Another strong display by the Saints defense with tackles from Martin Fitzpatrick, Taylor, Bryan and Calvin Holmes saw the Thunder stopped in their tracks, forcing another punt.

McCormack took over from Oxford’s 14 yard line and after a gain of a couple of yards by Kingshott, disaster struck on the following play when a big hit was landed on McCormack by Thunder’s Dominic Gould. The unexpected hit forced the ball into the air and into the hands of Dan De Lucia, who returned it the short distance for the score.

McCormack required medical attention before returning to the Oxford sideline. He was ruled out of the game with a suspected concussion, which left the Saints with no quarterbacks, after losing starting quarterback Ben Denton a few days earlier. Stone added the extra point kick for the Thunder once play resumed, and extended their lead 21-7.


Photo by Jamie Stancombe – Sussex return interception for TD

The quarterback duty passed to Grant Tebb, who is an experienced player with previous history of playing quarterback when at university. However, having Tebb under centre meant that the Saints lost one of their most dangerous offensive weapons.

As the 2nd quarter came to a close, Sussex scored a field goal with Andrew Stone kicking the ball through the uprights from 24 yards out, giving the hosts an additional 3 points. 24-7.

3rd Quarter

Following the interval Oxford kicked the ball off to Sussex to get the 2nd half started, but an amazing play by linebacker Luke Fry saw him forcefully strip the ball away from the Thunder ball carrier and recovered possession immediately for the Saints.


Photo by Chris Janes – Luke Fry strips the ball

Despite the promising change in momentum, Tebb and the Saints offense were unable to capitalise in the face of a strong defense and the ball was soon turned over back to Sussex.

With Jaden Ellis in at quarterback for the Thunder, a quick drive up field aided by penalties against the Saints defense brought Sussex within scoring range. Tichaona Chisango crossed the line for a 5 yard touchdown run. The extra point kick was good, 31-7 to Sussex.

Oxford’s defense held Sussex to just 19 yards on their next drive, with stops coming from Matt Wheldon and Spencer Duffy, forcing another punt.

The Saints struck back with an impressive drive up field. Hard running from James Walter, who broke the 1,000 rushing yard mark earlier in the season, combined with a continuously strong performance from Kingshott brought Oxford into Sussex territory.

Tebb handed the ball to Kingshott again who charged through the Sussex defense for a 31 yard touchdown run. Oxford attempted a 2 point conversion to try and narrow the divide, but Ali Galbraith was unable to find the endzone. 31-13 Sussex.


Photo by Chris Janes – Hard running from Ryan Kingshott

4th Quarter

With veteran quarterback Eber Kingston now at the helm for Sussex, he connected with receivers DJ Ser’Jeanton and Fishlock for good yards, combined with solid running from Chisango and Ben Chukwu-Onu on the ground. A short drive ended with Stone running the ball in himself from 1 yard out for the score. This time it was James Goodsell who attempted the extra point kick for Sussex but it was missed. 37-13

Oxford continued to rely on the ground game after losing both it’s quarterbacks and it was Kingshott who continued to see most of the work. The offense continued to be plague by costly penalties, greatly hindering their ability to progress down field. A deep pass to Walter over the middle of the field would have given Oxford a big gain, but offensive pass interference was called on Walter and the ball was brought back.


On 4th down, Tebb attempted a pass out towards the sideline to Leroy Holmes but it was intercepted and returned 37 yards for the score by Dominic Gould. Goodsell kicked the extra point and the visitors were sitting comfortably on a 44-13 lead.

Walter took over at quarterback for Oxford and attempted to find another scoring opportunity on the final two drives of the game, but was unable to make any considerable gains against a confident and physical Sussex defense.

A 6 yard touchdown run late in the 4th quarter gave the Thunder their final score of the day, but they were unable to kick the extra point. Final score 50-13 Sussex.



 Entering the game with several missing players, most notably starting quarterback Ben Denton, the Saints remained confident that the hard running threat posed by Tebb, Walter and Kingshott would keep Sussex under pressure. After losing quarterback McCormack in the 2nd quarter, the Saints were unable to move the ball in the air and were continuously hindered by penalties.

The experience and determination of Sussex was on display from the opening kickoff right to the end, as they claimed the much deserved win.

Although the Saints season has come to a close, it has been an exceptionally successful year for the team. With a large recruitment drive kicking off 2015, the team is filled with rookies earning starting spots across the depth chart, most notably on the defense. The club is also developing it’s own home-grown quarterbacks in Denton and McCormack, who are both Oxford locals transitioning from other positions.

Photo by Chris Janes – Ali Galbraith led the pre-game huddle

The Oxford Saints are pleased that they made the playoffs in a competitive roster and look forward to many rookies returning for their 2nd year of Saints football in 2016 to develop their skills further.

We wish all remaining playoff teams the best of luck in their upcoming games. Bristol Apache are the only team from the same conference still standing in the playoffs, after a 32-17 victory over the Wembley Stallions. The Apache now sit on a strong 8-1 record, with their single loss coming from the Saints.

Recruitment is already in progress for the next season and our rookie training days at the 3G Dome in Oxford have been confirmed. Looking to play? We’ve published there details here –

We’re also looking for new coaches to strengthen our 2016 squad. We have an experienced set up and passionate players for you to work with. Find out more about our vacancies here –

The team would like to thank all it’s players, staff and fans for the commitment to the Saints over the season.


Photo by Chris Janes – #10 Ben Denton and HC Andrew Day earlier in 2015


Additional photos courtesy of Chris Janes have been uploaded to facebook. Check out their excellent work below.

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Saints Naomi Maycock In Spain With GB Women

featured image above courtesy of Ignacio Espigares


Oxford Saints sports therapist Naomi Maycock reports in from the 2015 Women’s European Championship

History has recently been made with the first ever women’s 11 vs 11 kitted European tournament, which is taking place in Maracena, Spain.

On 31st July Team GB flew out to the host city and had to adjust to the scorching temperatures of over 30 degree heat.

Led by head coach Jim Messenger, the GB Women’s team has been in development for the past few years and they played their first international game in 2013 against Sweden, claiming a 27-10 victory.

Messenger has led a squad of 45 players and 15 staff to the tournament, made up of players from women’s teams throughout the UK such as the Manchester Titans, Birmingham Lions and the Teeside Steelers.

photo courtesy of Luke Plastow and Plastow Photography

Tournament Begins

So far so good for the GB team, as they dispatched the favoured veteran side Germany in the first day of the tournament on 2nd August, in a 17-6 win. Linebacker Phoebe Schecter was named MVP (most valuable player).

On 4th August GB took on Sweden in their 2nd game of the tournament and laid down a dominating performance, with a strong running offense and a formidable defensive unit who forced several turnovers.

GB claimed the win 30-14 and booked themselves a spot in the final on Saturday 8th August. The whole offensive line unit was named the MVP for their control of the game.


photo courtesy of Jordi Creixelll

Comments from GB Women’s physio Naomi Maycock

Naomi is an experienced sports therapist who joined the Oxford Saints for the 2015 season and has provided excellent care and support to the Saints.

She is currently in Spain with the GB Women’s team patching up their hurt and she’s taken the time to reflect on her experiences so far.

“As you can see by the previous 2 games, the girls have done extremely well, baring in mind this is GB Women’s first appearance in an international competition. Beating Germany (2nd seed) 17-6, and Sweden today 32-14.”


photo courtesy of Eli Casañas

“It’s a very different climate for the girls so hydration and reducing body temperature is key for game day. Having only a day of recovery between games is difficult as we all know what our knocks and bruises feel like the day after. We are working closely with the girls to help them recover as much as possible with therapy and hydro sessions.”

“We have a few days now until the final which gives them a chance to rest up. It’s a great experience being over here in Spain with the GB Women, with amazing support staff and coaches and of course such a talented group of ladies.”

“I am looking forward to the finals this weekend, and also for my return to the UK where I will be travelling to the Sussex Thunder with the Oxford Saints for the first round of the playoffs. It’s been a great season, a busy one for me, but proud of the boys for getting this far.”

“I am also fortunate enough to be travelling in September with GB Women’s flag for their European Championships.”

Oxford Saints press officer James Dunstan added:

“Everyone at the Saints have been delighted by the professional and outstanding service provided by Naomi this year. She joined the team at the beginning of the service and her experience with other UK teams including GB Women’s has been invaluable.”

“We’re very pleased that we were able to secure her services for the 2015 season and we hope to continue working with her beyond this.”

“We’re proud that she is out in Spain providing treatment and advice to GB Women as they compete in their first international competition”


Naomi tends to an arm injury for DE Sam Stancombe – July 2015


View some of the excellent photos taken from the Great Britain VS Germany game on Flickr below. Hover your mouse over to see the navigational arrows.

The final is Saturday evening 8th August.

Keep up with the team by following them on twitter @BAFAWomen and checking out their facebook page for more news and game updates!


Playoffs: Saints To Visit Sussex In Quarter Final

Watch 2015 Highlights below:

Oxford Are In The Playoffs!

The Saints are set to travel down to Brighton on 23rd August to take on the Sussex Thunder in the first round, two teams who have played against each other many times over the years.

The last time Oxford took on Sussex was in a pre-season friendly at the beginning of the year. A young squad with many new players travelled down to the coast and experienced a competitive game against the Thunder.

Kev Edited

Running back #20 Kev Brooks charges through against Sussex

2015 pre-season

After successful seasons for both clubs, it is fitting that the sides should meet again in the playoffs. Both teams have had a look at each other in pre-season but each will have progressed throughout the year and will no doubt have a few tricks up their sleeves.

When the Thunder took on the Saints, a number of veterans had not yet returned to the team, including the contingent of university players. This time Oxford are expected to be back to strength, including the offensive weapon duo, James Walter and Grant Tebb.

In the 13-12 regular season finale win over the Cornish Sharks, James Walter broke his 1,000 rushing yard record in a regular season in just 8 games.

Watch James Walter highlights below:



Player To Watch: Quaterback #10 Ben Denton

The Saints starting quarterback has come a long way since his first time under centre, in the Sussex pre-season. With 6 wins under his belt including several high scoring shoot out battles, Denton has bonded with the rest of the offense and has developed his knowledge of the position.

Denton began his career with the Saints as a corner back/free safety and also handled kick return duties. His size and ability to take off when needed can make him a threat on the ground, along with his previous experience of playing defense which aides in identifying coverages and finding opportunities.

In his debut season at quarterback, he has led this historic club to it’s first playoff appearance since 2012 and an impressive 6-2 record, which includes a narrow 1 point defeat by division winners Bristol Apache.

Sussex Thunder v Oxford Saints (4)

1st year quarterback Ben Denton evades a Sussex defender as he runs the ball 

2015 pre-season

Game Venue

The Saints are on the road! If you are travelling to see the game, please use the address below.

If you can’t make it, be sure to follow us on twitter @oxfordsaints and like our facebook page for live score updates!

Kickoff 2:30PM

Brighton Rugby Football Club
Waterhall Road

Game Preview: Oxford VS Jurassic Coast Raptors

Saints Host Jurassic Coast Raptors In Friendly Game

9th August – Kickoff 2:30PM

This SUNDAY the Oxford Saints are playing a new team who are planning to join the national league.

As part of their association process, the Raptors are required to compete in several games both home and away. We’re looking forward to hosting a passionate new club as they continue to develop.

The contest will provide a valuable opportunity for the Saints coaching staff to get newer players considerable game time and assess them in game situations.

With the first round of the playoffs on 23rd August, it also gives the Saints the chance to keep sharp and continue to build momentum for the quarter finals against the Sussex Thunder.

About The Raptors

The newly formed Dorset side have been training throughout 2014 and 2015 as they prepare to complete their trial period and enter the national league.

Although American Football is a rapidly growing sport, setting up a new club for any sport is no easy task and the obstacles are no doubt higher when you are trying to form an American Football team, which is still considered a niche sport within the UK.

The Jurassic Coast Raptors – 2015

The Raptors staff have built the foundations and completed all the necessary steps on their path to national competition, such as building a fan base, attracting their first players, identifying a home venue and securing club kit.

Following several scrimmages with already established teams including the Bristol Apache and the Staffordshire Surge, the Raptors hosted their first game at Dorchester Rugby Club in March 2015, against the Bournemouth Bobcats.

Speaking to the Saints last week, Raptors head coach Billy Heinrich commented that he is “looking forward to the game and the opportunity to give our guys game time against quality opposition”

The Game

With the Saints locked in to the 2015 playoffs, this game presents an excellent occasion for the coaching staff to experiment with new plays and different personnel.

It is also an ideal occasion for newer players to get considerable game time and show their positional coaches what they can do in a game situation, as individuals across the team continue to compete for starting spots in what has been a fiercely contested 2015 roster for Oxford, with approximately 80 registered players.

The starting offense and starting defense are expected to be given a few drives of action but the majority of the game will be used for development and assessment purposes.

2nd string quarter back David McCormack will be taking over from 1st string Ben Denton, who is unable to attend this game. McCormack and Denton have both transitioned to the quarterback position for 2015.


#12 David McCormack at quarterback – 2015

In previous years McCormack played at running back, which gives him the ability to take off and move the ball on the ground when necessary.

Meanwhile Denton, who has led the Saints to a 6-2 record and their first playoff appearance since 2012 in his first year at quarterback, was previously a free safety/corner back.

Oxford coaching staff, players and fans alike will be keen to see McCormack in action as he starts his first game under centre.

Following practice last weekend, Saints head coach Andrew Day addressed the team and stated “this is an excellent opportunity for depth players to prove themselves and show what they can do” – making a challenge for game time as the first playoff game approaches.


#12 David McCormack at running back – 2014

Game Venue

The Jurassic Coast Raptors will be travelling to Oxford, which will be played under full gameday conditions. To see us in action, please use the address below.

Food and drink will be available from the licensed bar, parking available and entry is free.

If you can’t make it, be sure to follow us on twitter @oxfordsaints and like our facebook page for live score updates!

Kickoff 2:30PM

Abingdon Rugby Club
Lambrick Way
OX14 5TJ

The Saints Go Marching In…. To The Playoffs!

The Oxford Saints qualify for the playoffs!

Following a successful 2015 regular season, the Saints have booked themselves a place in the Division II quarter finals on 23rd August.

With some teams still finishing their remaining games, it is not yet clear who Oxford will be facing in the first round but it’s currently projected to be the Sussex Thunder.

The Saints travelled to take on the Thunder in a pre-season friendly earlier this year. A re-match would be an interesting game as we’ll be able to see how both teams have progressed since the warm up game.

SFCW – Division II


Oxford sit 2nd in the table narrowly behind the leaders, Bristol Apache. The highlights of the season have undoubtedly been the two games played between Oxford and the Apache, both being decided by just a single point.

Should the Saints have overcome the Apache in the 2nd game and claimed the win, Oxford would be enjoying the position of having home advantage in the playoffs. Instead, the Saints will now be travelling to our ‘TBC’ quarter final opponent…


Spencer Duffy on the playoffs:

Veteran kicker/linebacker Spencer Duffy shares his thoughts on the last time the Saints reached the playoffs in 2012, along with his analysis of the upcoming contest on 23rd August:

995755_502934609782941_433334853_n“I don’t know what I could have done differently” – My clearest memory of a playoff game

“These words were uttered by veteran linebacker/running back Chris Ellis after we lost to the Milton Keynes Pathfinders in 2012. For Ellis, he could probably say that about most games he played in, he never really missed a block or whiffed a tackle.

He was a great player, but his individual excellence wasn’t enough to win the game that day, though he was a big part of our team and the playoff run that year. Hearing those words though, it felt different for me.”


Chris Ellis lands a huge block against the

Bristol Apache (2012 regular season)

“I on the other hand could pinpoint the exact parts that I could have, and should have done differently.

“I’d been over-zealous in hunting down a punter who turned out to be running a fake that MK converted into a first down. I’d also allowed myself to be blocked out on a kick return that ended up going for a touchdown. So I knew exactly what I could have done differently.

That feeling has stayed with me since and I’ve used it as motivation when I have to train in the rain, or snow, or when I don’t feel like going to the gym, I remind myself – “remember when you got run over by that fullback?!?”

The reality is that playing in the playoffs is a special achievement; it is something that you have to earn, and if you get there you’ve had a good season.”


Tackle by Spencer Duffy against the

Sussex Thunder (2015 pre-season)

“A lot of players will never be involved in a playoff game; I’ve been playing for five years and only been in one. Dean Bryan, the veteran Saints linebacker just played in his 100th game for the Saints – but only six of them have been in the playoffs.

We recently finished our 2015 regular season with a 6-2 record, good enough to win us a playoff berth for the first time since the Pathfinders game in 2012. Now we stand on an even field with everyone else, nothing that we have done up until now matters, there’s no points difference or points allowed that count anymore.

We win, we progress. We lose, we say “there’s always next year”.

The reality is that we’re going to be facing the best team we’ve played all season on 23rd August (early projections seem to suggest Sussex Thunder). We can’t rely on the individual brilliance of tight end/running back James Walter to drag us through to the next round. The team as a whole needs to step up and show we belong at the next level. The cherry of a championship and division one football hangs tantalisingly above us, but we have to go out there and prove we deserve it.”


Spencer Duffy tackles a running back against

Lincolnshire Bombers (2014 regular season)

“The team looks very different to the 2012 squad that made the playoffs. Ellis, along with canadian Ken Snider, Simon McEvoy, Stephen Bentley, Lee Hutton and a host of others have left the team. But we’ve been able to successfully gain a lot of new talent with excellent winter recruitment campaigns. The defense now has a Wright, a Stancombe, a Holmes, a Fox and a new Day (nephew of head coach Andrew Day) , to go along with the omnipotent Dean Bryan.

The defense has looked a lot more solid in recent games after a disastrous start, and there’s reason for optimism heading into the playoffs, though the expectation is that it will be a sterner test for our secondary unit.

The offense has conquered all this season, averaging 35 points a game in a tough division. Led by James Walter notching over 1000 yards, a very special achievement in only 8 games.

Along with Kev Brooks, Grant Tebb, Sam Armstrong and Rich Bloomer, the offense has really been clicking this year. Credit should go to Ben Denton too, he’s playing in his rookie season at quarterback, usually a rookie QB should be nervous with a lack of experience, but he is working hard and putting in the hours off the field to learn his new position thoroughly.”

Grant Tebb scores against the

Swindon Storm (2015 regular season)

“We have a strong squad and the potential to go far in the playoffs, I’m optimistic looking forward.

We can beat anybody put in front of us: our defense is good enough to stop any other team, and our offense is good enough that they shouldn’t be stopped by any other team. Our coaches make the smart decisions and the right calls when needed. So we should be unstoppable….

For a lot of guys it will be their first ever playoff game and they will be rightly nervous, but they just need to keep doing what got us where we are.

As a smart man once said – ‘It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.’

I want every single player to be able to come off the field, win or lose, and have no regrets, to not be able to say they messed something up. I want every player to say, proudly, like Chris Ellis:

“I don’t know what I could have done differently.”

Written by Spencer Duffy #58

11113789_931816510215762_3797895789434664263_nSpencer Duffy and the 2015 Saints defense being briefed

by defensive coordinator Nick Wykes