2016 Opponents Announced

The Teams We Will Be Facing In 2016 Has Been Confirmed

As the 2015 year comes to an end, the British American Football Association (BAFA) have released the division alignments for the upcoming season.

When the season begins with the opening weekend on 10th April, the Oxford Saints will once again be competing in Division II – SFC West.

Our opponents will be the same teams as before along with the Jurassic Coast Raptors, who will be completing their inaugural season in the National League.

Our 2015 campaign ended with a quarter final defeat at the ends of the Sussex Thunder, who have now been promoted to Division I.

Let’s Review The Competition:

Bristol-Apache-L1. Bristol Apache


10393925_10153392589028433_4254984996167552325_nThe Saints faced it’s toughest competition of the year in two thrilling contests against the Bristol Apache.

In game 2 of the season, Oxford pulled off a 35-34 comeback to steal victory.

When Oxford visited Bristol in game 6, an intense shoot out provided another stunning contest with Bristol coming out on top, 42-41.

Bristol made it to the SFC2 Final but declined the offer of promotion to Division I. With Oxford and Bristol grouped together again, we hope to see some exciting rematches.

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Game report – Oxford @ Bristol – http://www.oxfordsaints.com/bristol-defeat-oxford-in-thrilling-42-41-rematch-game-report/




2. Swindon Storm



The Saints faced it’s nearest rivals the Swindon Storm for the first time since 2013 and came away with a 1-1 record.

In game 3 of the season, Oxford were riding high due to the confidence boost after beating Bristol in game 2. Swindon hit hard with a 50-16 victory over the Saints.

When Oxford hosted Swindon later in the season, balance was restored with a confident 42-13 victory.

Swindon ended the year on a 3-5 record but showed they have potential to become a playoff contender. They also have a new Head Coach for 2016, Colin Branagh.

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3. Cornish Sharks



The Saints and the Sharks have played each other many times over the years and they are often tough and gritty games.

In game 4, Oxford hosted the Sharks and claimed a 43-24 victory over the visitors.

When Oxford made the long trip to Cornwall for the last game of the regular season, a nail-bitter 13-12 win saw Oxford move into the playoffs on a high note.

The Sharks ended 2015 on a 4-4 record but will always have distance to contend with when travelling out to Bristol, Swindon and Oxford.

Game report – Cornwall @ Oxford – http://www.oxfordsaints.com/saints-sink-the-sharks-43-24/

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Torbay L

4. Torbay Trojans


Runningback James Walter terrorizes the Torbay defense

Oxford hosted the Trojans in game 1 of the season and claimed an 18-6 win.

Many expected a more impressive showing from Oxford to begin the year but with a large intake of rookies and a new offense finding it’s feet, the Saints took a while to get going.

In game 5, Oxford visited the Trojans and threw down a big 72-30 scoreline. The Trojans are fairly new in development but showed plenty of energy and will no doubt return stronger in 2016.

The Trojans ended the year 0-8.

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Game report – Oxford @ Cornwall – http://www.oxfordsaints.com/saints-put-trojans-to-the-sword-72-30/




5. Jurassic Coast Raptors


20446528222_f34c73176b_zThe Raptors will be the new opponent in the mix for the 2016 season.

After successfully completing their associate year, they have now been granted full status and will be playing their inaugural season.

The Saints hosted the Raptors in a post-season friendly as part of the associate process, which also gave Oxford the opportunity to warm up for the playoffs and allocate more game time to rookie development.

The Raptors will now have to play a full 10 game season which will be their real test.

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